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Amanda Molesa

Life's Journey through my eyes

Don’t Let Jesus’ Life be in Vain

Everyone tends to focus on the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. I am not discounting the importance of these two parts. They are incredibly important to a Christian. Because of him, we were given the perfect sacrifice and he died in our place. Thanks to his death and resurrection we may live.
In order for us to live and not let Jesus’ life have been in vain we must live like Jesus, for Jesus.
Jesus lived for more than to just die. His spent his entire life teaching others. He is the Rabbi, the Great Teacher, Love, and God’s Word. We need to live our lives the way Jesus taught us to. Every thing he did was a lesson to us. We can learn how to live every single day of our lives that we are blessed to have by reading about how Jesus lived his life.
Thank God for Jesus’ life. It is a lesson to us all. Jesus loved his neighbors. He did not place any importance on others status, looks, denomination, nationality, sex, race, past or future. He loved everyone enough to give his whole life to teach them how to live for God. He always gave the glory to God and refused to take any for himself; the God-man. How humble, how unselfish. We all seem to live in complete opposition to the way he would have us to live. How selfish, how important we think we are… how deceived.
Strive to live the life Jesus taught. Be thankful he made a way for us to get to heaven. Ask God daily what you can do for him. Listen. Do it. It’s what Jesus did.

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I am a graphic design student at Wilkes Community College. This semester I am in a photography class and this website is serving as my photo journal for now. In the future I will be posting more of my graphic designs in order to make this more of a portfolio. I hope you enjoy !


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